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Northern Kentucky Mourns the Great Communicator

A short drive along Dixie Highway is a quick reminder that our nation mourns the loss of one of its most beloved leaders. The many flags at half-staff take Northern Kentuckians back to the Cold War era, as we remember the legacy of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

On Friday, a national day of mourning, the 40th president of the United States will be memorialized in a state funeral service at the National Cathedral. It will be the first presidential funeral in Washington in more than 30 years, since Lyndon Johnson died in 1973. Reagan will be buried in his home state of California, on the grounds of his presidential library. It will be his final trip across the country he so loved and so profoundly changed.

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Clooney, Groob Open Joint Headquarters

FORT MITCHELL Celebrating the opening of their joint campaign headquarters Wednesday, Nick Clooney and Kathy Groob promoted the Democratic Party, while also establishing their individuality as candidates.
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Kentucky State parks damaged in storms

If you're planning a getaway to a Kentucky state park, better make sure it's still there. Some parks were damaged by the recent storms.
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Time Running Short for Budget Talks

FRANKFORT More than a month after the General Assembly adjourned without a budget, legislators still have no concrete plans to go into special session to resolve the matter. And, while the clock ticks toward the end of the fiscal year on July 1, some local politicos say partisan politics and election efforts are taking lawmakers' minds off the business of passing a budget.
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Power Players: Women in Kentucky Politics

COVINGTON What's a woman to do, quake with fear, or dig in her heels and say "enough?" Because according to the numbers, Kentucky is one of the worst states in the country to be female.
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Roeding, Wuchner Headed for State Seat Victories

FLORENCE - Republicans Richard "Dick" Roeding of Lakeside Park and Addia Kathryn Wuchner won the races for the 11th District Kentucky Senate and 66th District State House GOP nominations, respectively, in Tuesday's state primary election.
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Turfway Bets on Self-Promotion and Wins Big

FLORENCE — For Turfway Park, the last few years have been an uphill battle against the more glamorous Indiana casino venues now available to gamblers in Northern Kentucky.
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" Northern Kentucky Mourns the Great Communicator

" Clooney, Groob Open Joint Headquarters

Kentucky State parks damaged in storms

" Time Running Short for Budget Talks

" Power Players: Women in Kentucky Politics

" Roeding, Wuchner Headed for State Seat Victories

" Turfway Bets on Self-Promotion and Wins Big


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