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George Tenet Resigns As Director of CIA

WASHINGTON - CIA Director George Tenet, battered by Sept. 11 fallout and criticism of Iraq intelligence mistakes, said Thursday he would soon resign in a surprise announcement that threw open a key position at a critical time in the war against terrorism.

Tenet, a Democratic appointee whose close relationship to President Bush has helped him survive the intelligence failures, said he was leaving for personal reasons. But some in Congress questioned whether he had been pushed out.

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Shiite Leader Accepts Iraq Interim Gov't
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's most influential Shiite figure gave tacit endorsement to the U.N.-appointed government Thursday, breaking nearly three months of silence over the country's political future. But the supreme religious leader in neighboring Iran dubbed the body a "lackey" of America.

Bush: Iraq Pullout Would Be Disastrous
ROME - President Bush, facing tough talks with U.S. allies, said Thursday it would be disastrous if they took their troops out of Iraq.

North, South Korea Agree to Ease Tensions
SEOUL, South Korea - North and South Korean generals agreed Friday to stop propaganda broadcasts and take steps to avoid high-seas clashes, but made no moves to reduce troops along the world's most militarized border.

9/11 Kin Upset Hijacker-In-Training Freed
WASHINGTON - Relatives of Sept. 11 victims are upset that authorities didn't act more forcefully when a man told the FBI in 2000 that he'd been trained as a hijacker for Osama bin Laden.

Kids' Obesity May Be Worse Than Thought
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Forty percent of public schoolchildren in Arkansas are overweight, and nearly one in four is obese, a sign that obesity among children nationwide is probably far worse than health officials had thought.

14-Year-Old Indiana Boy Wins Spelling Bee
WASHINGTON - A 14-year-old Indiana boy mastered "autochthonous" to win the National Spelling Bee Thursday, outdueling 264 rivals, including one who fainted on stage but recovered to take second place.

Keynote Speech Launches Clinton Book Tour
CHICAGO - Bill Clinton, once a president and now an author, offered a characteristic performance Thursday night for the country's publishing community: late, long, but ultimately satisfying to the crowd.

OPEC to Boost Output Ceiling by 2M Barrels
BEIRUT, Lebanon - OPEC's decision to raise its output ceiling by up to 11 percent over two months may help soothe a nervous market, but it doesn't oblige the group to pump a single barrel of additional oil.

Flames Defeat Lightning 3-2 in Overtime
TAMPA, Fla. - No conspiracy here: The supposedly unwanted Calgary Flames are one victory away from winning the Stanley Cup.


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