New iPhone X Wallpaper Shown In Video

New iPhone X Wallpaper Shown In Video

Meanwhile, Apple will be slowly implementing Face ID across its lineup, creating a user experience that's consistent with the iPhone X and boosting its own competitiveness in the process.

And, you're one of the many Apple fans or just a loyal iPhone user holding out for an iPhone X, here are the seven things you won't find on neither the iPhone 8 nor 8 Plus.

Want to try Apple's new face unlock feature but don't want to buy an iPhone?

Apple's iPhone X just might be the biggest smartphone launch of 2017. Obviously we all know what an iPhone X looks like but this video is most interesting because of the iPhone X wallpaper shown. However, he also added that he expects the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to feature an in-display fingerprint reader, which may make it the first firm to do so. Beginning of 2018, the inside is predicting that all future iPhones will completely ditch the TouchID and use Face ID, which means soon iPhones will not have a home screen button soon. He stated in a note to MacRumors that the 2018 iPad Pro will probably come with a TrueDepth camera and the FaceID feature.

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Apple's newest smartphone released, the iPhone 8 Plus, had not been out for long when a number of customers around the world reported that their devices had cracked open, apparently due to the expanding of their batteries.

Are you looking forward to using Face ID?

But all this cutting-edge technology also associated with a staggering retail price point with the iPhone X the first flagship phone from the Cupertino to be retailed £at $999 for a base model.

There's a lot of new features and aspects to like on the iPhone X and it's surely a huge a super-cycle upgrade over anything the Cupertino has built in years.

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