Engine damaged on Air France flight forcing emergency landing

Engine damaged on Air France flight forcing emergency landing

"Air France confirms that the crew of flight AF66 made a decision to divert to Goose Bay airport following serious damage to one of its four engines", the airline said in a statement.

Air France said two flights were to take the 497 passengers on board the diverted plane, which was on its way from Paris to Los Angeles, to their final destination Sunday morning. Passenger Miguel Amador posted video footage apparently filmed from a window of the plane showing the damaged engine. The regularly trained pilots and cabin crew handled the incident perfectly.

Air France said passengers were being assisted and it was working to re-route them.

Flight continued on three engines for an hour and reached Goose Bay Airport, in Labrador in eastern Canada.

The Airbus A380 was flying at the altitude of 37,000 feet near Greenland when it experienced engine failure, Flightradar 24 reported.

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The plane landed safely at 1542 GMT, it added.

Passenger Sarah Eamigh told CBC News the cabin noticeably shook for about 10 minutes. "You could definitely tell something was different and it wasn't just turbulence". However, the flight was late by almost 90 minutes from its scheduled departure time of 10.10 am from Paris.

The pilot came on over the loudspeaker and said the plane had lost one of its engines and would be landing in Canada, Adams said. The remaining portion of the outermost engine on the right side of the jet was streaked with a brown substance and there were no obvious signs of any external fire. Some portions of the engine's fan were missing. Only regional airlines offer scheduled service so it doesn't have facilities to do major repairs on an A380. The flight was crossing the Atlantic ocean when the incident happened.

The chatter can be heard between the captain of stricken Flight 66 and the ground, as the Canadian airport it was forced to land at was readied for the arrival of the A380.

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