Android Wear section disappears from Google Store, smartwatches "no longer available"

Android Wear section disappears from Google Store, smartwatches

This was typically one of the main sections on the Google Store, but 9to5google noticed that it had been pulled yesterday during the launch of the new devices.

If you are thinking that by downloading this app you can add the Google Assistant to your unsupported devices, then you might be left disappointed. The voice assistant was released a year ago for the Pixel devices then was later rolled out to all the phones running the newer Android versions.

Now the Google Assistant has made its way to the Play Store and anyone can download it on his smartphone.

Now the Google Store is expanding, meaning you'll be able to access it in even more countries!

Here are some of the key moments from Google's global product launch that tell the story of what Google has done in 2017 to make a very exciting 2018.

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And in case you want to go a bit deeper into the app, you must know that the app does another important task.

To begin, the app is able to recognise and communicate information on set topics such as credit cards, loans or internet banking. Google Assistant will be the central AI technology that threads together the company's growing variety of devices, including mobile phones, laptop computers, smart speakers and parent company Alphabet's Nest brand of smart home products. But for the time being the future of Android Wear is uncertain, beyond the Android Wear app remaining up-and-running in the Play Store.

Along with the presumably faster update process, this also means that you can now add a shortcut for the Google Assistant in your app drawer and on your home screen. Compatible devices already have Assistant installed in them that can be operated by tapping and holding the "home button" or just by saying "Ok, Google".

In other, smaller yet convenient upgrades, the Google Assistant can now play well with Spotify voice commands.

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