The first month of Destiny 2's events have been mapped out

The first month of Destiny 2's events have been mapped out

Of all the early-generation games that were bitterly disappointing, Destiny stung the most.

Many Destiny players are chomping at the bit to get access to the game's hardest challenge at the moment, and that's in the new Nightfall Strike that's been released for the launch of Destiny 2.

Going into the sequel - which even when it was announced, was met with a "Wait".

Destiny 2 is also a big deal for Bungie because the company is releasing a PC version of the game next month after it debuts on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ($59.99) this week. When players found out that the shaders in the game are now treated as consumables, players are accusing the studio of giving in to the trend of corporate greed that has led so many promising developers down the path of anti-consumerism. And no one knows this better than the people making it.

"At the end of the day, Destiny 2 is a fantastic game outside of this one annoying issue". If you're wondering when Guided Games Matchmaking for Nightfall Strikes and Raids in Destiny 2 will launch, the answer is soon.

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But personally, I fell off of Destiny pretty quickly. While players have more customization options now, there is a catch.

The core of what makes Destiny what it is, the way it plays, is still rock solid. Of course, much of this is already known, but if it's an at-a-glance guide you seek, then the roadmap below should help. Noseworthy says. "Or you meet someone in the game and you're like, I want to play this activity I've never done it before, I mostly play solo".

"We've taken our first steps on a new journey as a community", Bungie said.

It's odd to consider a a studio as established as Bungie to be going through growing pains, but for a big-budget video game, Destiny still feels remarkably like an ongoing experiment. A long-delayed delivery on three years' of tinkering and potential? Or a cynical effort in gaming player's lizard-brain dopamine rush, enticing them to get on a treadmill that there's no real getting off of?

This page contains information on leveling up and how to reach max level in Destiny 2. But we don't know if this will surely solve the problem, though.

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