Saudi government says it will allow women to drive

Saudi government says it will allow women to drive

Saudi Arabian officials announced Tuesday that women will be allowed to drive, relenting on the long-standing ban against women drivers in the birthplace of Islam.

Saudi Arabia's king issued a decree on Tuesday allowing women to drive, which would end a longstanding ban on female motorists in the ultra-conservative country.

"On this great occasion, we feel that the kingdom has become an important state with a pioneering role at the regional and worldwide levels", Prince Mohammed said in a speech earlier cited by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Activist Manal al-Sherif, who was arrested in 2011 after a driving protest, took to Twitter following the king's announcement to express her relief.

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It added that the majority of scholars "do not see a reason why women should not be allowed to drive a auto". There are laws that prevent women from showing too much skin while in public, for instance, and a guardian system requires a man to give women permission for everyday tasks.

"As far as I remember, Sharia scholars have said it was haram (forbidden) for women to drive".

In recent years, many women have come to rely on ride-sharing apps like Uber and Careem to gain some freedom of movement. The king and his son have also opened the country to more entertainment and fun. "Ever since Mohammed bin Salman's rise, he has fast-tracked all the changes that are needed for our country", said Marwa Afandi, a 35-year-old event planner in the Red Sea city of Jeddah.

Hadi told Saudi Arabia media Al-Arabiya television broadcast on the sideline of UN General Assembly in an interview that "the military solution is the most likely solution arguing the decision does not rest with the rebels but with their supporter, Iran".

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