Madrid has mishandled Catalan independence vote, European Union warns

Madrid has mishandled Catalan independence vote, European Union warns

The regional Catalan government says it will press ahead with the vote on Sunday in defiance of an order banning it by the...

"I think that Spain is a great country and it should remain united", Trump said at a news conference following White House talks with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. "All the referendum's logistics have been dismantled", the Spanish government's representative in Catalonia, Enric Millo, told reporters in Barcelona.

"I don't have anything further than what Heather has already said on that issue", replied the president's top spokeswoman, "If it changes after that takes place, we'll let you know".

Oliver Jones from Capital Economics said: "In Spain, a referendum on Catalan independence is set to occur on 1st October".

President Trump's decision to chime in reflects the largely anti-secessionist views across the West right now, with many nations fearing they'd face similar votes if Catalonia succeeded.

Spanish authorities want the names of officials running polling stations at schools and civic buildings, with a view to prosecuting them.

A Catalan vote for independence could send the euro plunging, as the risk of Spain breaking up and splitting the eurozone grows.

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On Saturday, Prime Minister Rajoy declared that the independence vote "would mean liquidating the law" and vowed that the referendum would not go ahead.

The situation in Catalonia deteriorated last week, when Spain's Civil Guard detained over a dozen of people in a raid related to the preparations for the independence vote.

Calling the referendum "anti-democratic and illegal", the deputy PM insisted that it "would not be possible" to happen. He also voiced his worry that Sunday could see violence in the Catalan region.

Many had not yet received information about where or when they would be working after the state-run postal service was told to stop all mail related to the vote, Marta Rovira said in a radio interview.

They have also dealt a blow to separatists leaders' plans to hold a referendum with a semblance of legitimacy.

Although Catalonia enjoys a certain measure of autonomy, separtists have long campaigned for independence for a wealthy region with its own language and cultural traditions.

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