San Francisco's Alamo Park Swarmed by Counter-Protesters After Right-Wing Rally Cancelled

San Francisco's Alamo Park Swarmed by Counter-Protesters After Right-Wing Rally Cancelled

Police have set up barricades in a downtown Berkeley park in preparation for possible demonstrations by right-wing and left-wing groups.

All told, the Associated Press reported at least five individuals were attacked.

A number of demonstrators with their faces covered were escorted out of the park by police, who reported 14 arrests, mostly for violating a ban on masks, sticks and other potential weapons.

Videos from the scene show people throwing smoke bombs, and masked counterprotesters dressed in black clothing jumping over police barricades. The three people who were attacked ran behind police lines to escape.

A right-wing rally titled "No To Marxism in America" was planned to take place but ultimately was canceled by organizer Amber Cummings.

"I'm brown, so I'm definitely not a white supremacist, definitely not a white nationalist, definitely not a Nazi because I want limited government, Hitler was all about big government", he said. Liberal shields young Trump fan during Berkeley protestCounter protesters called this weekend a success, saying they won a victory against the forces of white supremacy.

Several other people also yelled at the man, who said he was born in Mexico but supports Mr. Trump's proposal to build a wall along the southern border.

Hundreds of people opposing a right-wing gathering have held protests in the USA city of San Francisco to condemn white supremacists and bigotry.

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It's clear that Antifa is committed to stirring up violence at protests, creating a version of the thug's veto, especially in the absence of effective policing (the ACLU has archly criticized law enforcement's handling of the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville that left dozens injured and one dead). Civic Center Park with heavy cement barriers.

Gibson announced on Friday that his group had canceled its "Freedom Rally" planned for Saturday at Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco.

Other Trump supporters say they came to the park even though the original protest was cancelled because they wanted a space to express their opinions.

Throughout the day, searching for the far-right rally was a wild goose chase through the city of San Francisco.

Protesters calling for a rally against hate started the day in Berkeley, but it also drew counter protesters and extremists.

On Hayes Street near Alamo Square park, people handed out free cups of water, pastries and flowers to fellow demonstrators, in San Francisco-style.

By Saturday morning, the police had fenced off the area and heavily surrounded it with officers.

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