How the Apple Car turned into an Apple Shuttle Bus

How the Apple Car turned into an Apple Shuttle Bus

In February 2015, Business Insider reported an email from an Apple employee which stated that the company was working on something that will give "Tesla a run for its money".

The company has been working on its automotive technology under the internal code name "Project Titan" since at least 2014, and once meant to build its own vehicle from start to finish, creating a true "Apple Car". It's a futuristic bus that drives itself!

Apple has chose to shift its end goals in the self-driving technology arena.

Apple's in-house shuttle service, which isn't operational yet, follows Waymo, Uber and a number of vehicle companies that have been testing driverless cars on city streets around the world.

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As recently as August that year, the company had been explicitly focused on building its own vehicle, and only releasing its creations to the public when they were capable of full automation, also known as "level-five" automation.

Instead, Apple will likely develop autonomous-driving tech that can be applied to vehicles made by other companies.

Apple is planning a self-driving shuttle-service that will carry employees between the company's various Silicon Valley offices, the New York Times reported, citing a number of people familiar with Apple's auto project, code-named "Titan". The name highlights the delays in the project, since Apple's main campus is already in the process of being moved to Apple Park, an enormous ring-shaped office down the road. The company tapped Bob Mansfield, a longtime executive who over the years had led hardware engineering for some of Apple's most successful products, to oversee Titan. Even so, Uber's self-driving technology unit is still hiring, and Uber's board continues to support the project, this person told us. Team members complained of shifting priorities and arbitrary or unrealistic deadlines.

In June, Cook spoke about Apple's self-driving plans for the first time. Apple's recruitment of Dan Dodge, the founder of QNX, Blackberry's (formerly RIM) automotive software division marks a shift in emphasis toward creating software for autonomous vehicles. The new prototype by Apple according to the sources will be ferrying people from one office to the other. However, there were disagreements on whether CarOS should be programmed using Apple's programming language Swift or with C++. Apple has grown too big to be operated like a startup, moreover, the company is desperate to create the next big thing, as now, more than 50% of its profit comes from iPhone sales alone, which is in decline.

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