Florida and NY license more medical marijuana facilities

Florida and NY license more medical marijuana facilities

The introduction of new competition plans to help more and more New Yorkers afford medical marijuana.

New medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to Long Island.

The others four companies given the green light on Tuesday are Citiva Medical and Valley Agriceuticals, which will manufacture in Orange County; Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, which will manufacture in Schenectady County; and New York Canna, which will manufacture in Onondaga County.

The New York State Department of Health is committed to growing the state's Medical Marijuana Program responsibly.

The state Department of Health said Tuesday that there now are more than 25,000 certified patients and over 1,000 registered practitioners in New York's medical marijuana program.

According to the state Department of Health website, there are now four dispensing facilities in New York City: two in Manhattan, one in Queens and one in the Bronx.

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The existing five companies were re-licensed for an additional two years, the state announced.

"The supply has never been the problem", said Patrick McCarthy, spokesman for the Medical Cannabis Industry Alliance made up of the original five companies.

The New York State Department of Health on Tuesday announced that it has authorized five "registered organizations" - permitted by state statute to manufacture medical marijuana and manage up to four dispensaries each - to operate new dispensaries across the state.

As of Tuesday, there are 25,736 registered patients in the medical marijuana program in NY - a more than 10,000-person increase since March when chronic pain was added to the list of treatable conditions, the Health Department said.

PalliaTech NY will manufacture in Ulster County and have dispensing facilities in Nassau, Orange, Queens, and Clinton Counties.

The two now serve an active registry of more than 6,000 patients with conditions such as glaucoma, cancer and intractable pain - and are expected to see more patients starting August 1, when post-traumatic stress disorder is added as a qualifying condition for Minnesota's program. That number jumped 72% since chronic back pain was approved as a qualifying condition in March. The medical marijuana company said in its application it planned to lease the site.

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