Fatah Official: Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Mission Is a 'Delusion'

Fatah Official: Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Mission Is a 'Delusion'

The Palestinian leader's remarks expressing confidence in USA efforts came despite the Trump administration's continued refusal to endorse the two-state solution, in order to not, as State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Wednesday, "bias one side over the other". "There hasn't been any". "We know that things are hard and complicated، but there is nothing impossible with good efforts،" he added.

"We have told the Americans that we are committed to the American effort", Khatib said.

"Without a vision it will be negotiations for negotiations sake،" he opined. "Every time they repeatedly stressed to me how much they believe and are committed to a two-state solution and a halt to construction in the settlements".

The visit comes with both Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not in position to make major concessions, some analysts say, and no details have emerged of how Trump's team would overcome that.

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In past weeks, skepticism was sounded by Palestinian officials about US peace efforts, but both Netanyahu and Abbas have expressed willingness to cooperate with American efforts to renew the talks.

For weeks Palestinian officials have called on the United States to back a two-state solution and ask Israel to stop building settlements in the occupied West Bank, which most of the global community considers illegal and an obstacle to the creation of any future Palestinian state. "Both sides agreed to continue with the US -led conversations as the best way to reach a comprehensive peace deal", according to a statement released by the White House.

Therefore، she continued، "We are not going to state what the outcome has to be".

All of which suggest that the meeting in Ramallah on Thursday was as terse and unproductive as the one in June had been, but both sides - and possibly the Netanyahu government as well - prefer to smear a heap of lipstick on this pig. "And I think, really, that's the best view as to not really bias one side over the other, to make sure that they can work through it", said US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert when asked if the president backed the two-state solution. It's been many، many decades، as you well know، that the parties have not been able to come to any kind of good agreement and sustainable solution to this. They talked to us about incitement.

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