Doom Gets New Update, Free Multiplayer DLC, and a Free Weekend

Doom Gets New Update, Free Multiplayer DLC, and a Free Weekend

As all progress from the free event is transferred to the full game for anyone that decides to purchase it, this may be an excellent opportunity to see if the game does live up to all the praise it received a year ago. This makes its season pass useless now and all players will now be able to enjoy all of the DLC contents that were exclusive to those who could afford it during launch.

The developer also replaced the Hack Module System of perks with a Runes System that offers passive benefits ala the single-player campaign. That's great for all the present DOOM owners who were hesitant to pick the season pass up, and those who plan on buying DOOM in the future. The most notable change of this update is that all DLCs in multiplayer have been unlocked and it will be available for everyone.

It's a good time to be a DOOM player.

As the game only received DLC for its multiplayer portion, this update adds every map, gun, playable demon, and equipment, along with all customization options that were previously only available via the DLC, onto the base game free of charge. Players will still retain all of their existing guns, equipment, demons and customization unlocks that they've acquired or purchased. Instead of relying on the random distribution of unlocks, items now unlock through specific levelling requirements or through in-game challenges that the player can complete. Alongside the new system, id is resetting all player levels to zero.

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Additional improvements arriving with the 6.66 update include overhauls to the in-game HUD and player kill cards, as well as various other changes to the game's menus and UI. Veteran players will be given a special badge to recognize their achievements. PC and Xbox players can start shooting demons on July 20, while Ps4 players have to wait until July 27. During this free weekend, the entire game will be available for $14.99 USA, including the campaign, arcade mode, and all that DLC and multiplayer content.

The free-to-play weekend will also reduce the game's price to $14.99 (US) / £11.99 (UK) / $17.99 (AUS) (digital purchase only).

Players can try out the first two levels of the campaign and the arcade mode in higher difficulty, and they will have unlimited access to the multiplayer and SnapMap modes.

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