Destiny 2 Beta is Coming, Here's Everything You Need To Know

More specifically, it starts today on PS4 for those who pre-ordered the game, while those with Xbox One pre-orders can get stuck in from tomorrow.

Beyond modes, Bungie has offered more information on the subclasses, weapons, and armour that will be available during the beta.

No. Absolutely nothing you do in the beta will carry over to the final release.

Here comes a bit of a tricky part; the remaining forms will be translated into the given language of the country you chose.

There's also plenty of info about the various races, weapons, classes and pretty much everything you could want to know in preparation for the Beta itself. The game feels really polished, and so it feels like 'Oh, this is just a demo, ' but there's a lot of stuff you don't see on the backend.

The playable PvE content in the Destiny 2 beta is nearly exactly the same as what we say back in May, but with a single exception.

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Destiny 2 may not be releasing until September, but you can access the Destiny 2 beta right now if you've preordered the game - or gotten a key through other means. You can play a level of the campaign, a co-op strike level, and multiplayer until the cows come home, but only two of those things are really representative of what Destiny 2 is all about, and they're over about as soon as they begin, making this feel much more like an extended advertisement than anything else.

Also announced last night via Bungie's official Twitter was the news that while anyone can play the beta's "Homecoming" story mission, you'll need to to be a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriber to participate in the Strike and Crucible offerings. Are you going to give the beta a chance?

Players may sometimes be placed at the beginning of the Inverted Spire Strike Activity when joining in progress.

Countdown is an elimination game type, where you've either got to plant bombs, or defend the points while taking down the enemy team. Control is played on the Endless Vale Map. Two teams fight for control of three flags throughout the battlefield. The PC beta will occur later in the year, in August.

Be sure to not get attached to the Destiny 2 character that you create.

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