'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing

'Veep' stars respond to Australian injured while laughing

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - An Australian lawmaker said Friday he was stunned that he had grabbed the attention of stars of the USA television series "Veep" by laughing so hard at an episode of the political satire that he choked on his sushi and knocked himself unconscious on a kitchen bench.

The fall left him with a black eye and landed him in hospital where he received three stitches.

He was later consoled on Twitter by the stars of the TV show.

It said the MP praised medical staff who looked after him but was anxious that some voters might be put off by his appearance.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live he said, "It is a pretty amusing show".

"It is a pretty amusing show. Some rice went down my airway and I started coughing and choking and laughing at the same time", Perrett told BBC News. He sprang from his lounge chair then hit his head on a granite kitchen bench top, breaking his glasses and knocking himself unconscious for a few seconds.

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"It did make me laugh a lot when I saw that the Australian PM's people had been on the same mental journey and come up with the same meaningless phrase".

His wife found him unconscious on the ground, "with blood everywhere". "I was laughing so hard when Jonah then gets interviewed by Dan... It was just one of those freaky accidents". And in Julia Louis Dreyfus' case, also concerned.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has weighed in on the story.

It's not the first time that an Australian parliamentarian has wound up being tied to the HBO comedy, which follows the life of a former US President and her egocentric or incompetent staffers.

The show's creators expressed shock at the coincidence.

Last year Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull campaigned under the slogan "continuity and change" - strikingly similar to that used by a presidential hopeful in an earlier season of Veep.

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