Trump's $4T budget arrives on Capitol Hill

Trump's $4T budget arrives on Capitol Hill

A president's budget has to be approved by Congress, so the final form may be quite different from what the chief executive submits.

Trump's budget would increase funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, but the budget proposal doesn't appear to focus money on PTSD or mental health issues.

Fred Upton of MI, who helped get an Obamacare repeal through the House, mocked funding for Trump's beloved wall on the U.S. Mexico border, questioining the need for $1.6 billion to pay for it.

During the campaign, Trump said Mexico should pay for the wall.

'But you know it's only a proposal, it never gets to his desk, ' Upton added.

The Trump administration has been dogged by controversy for the past few weeks, but now, even as the president is traveling overseas, his administration is proceeding with the business of government.

Republican leaders in the House said lawmakers would be able to find common ground with the budget plan.

Support for Trump's Medicaid cuts is not found with all Republicans.

"If you're thinking about things from a conservative perspective, they've got the good part of what the tax plan does, which is the growth, but they don't have the bad part, which is the reduced Treasury receipts", Alan Cole, an economist at the Tax Foundation told The Washington Post.

Budget expert Stan Collender wrote about the normal process, after all the speeches, press events, and documents.

The US Congress would now debate on the various aspects of the 2018 annual budget beginning October 1.

Maya MacGuineas, the President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), however, criticized the administration's budget in an interview with CBS News' Jacqueline Alemany.

Polarizing Milwaukee sheriff denies CNN report that he plagiarized
The vocal Trump surrogate announced on Thursday that he got the appointment to the DHS "office of partnership and programs". For years, Clarke has been a favorite of conservative media and campaigned for President Trump during the 2016 election.

The budget President Donald Trump is expected to release on May 23 will reportedly include hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicaid.

Deborah Weinstein, executive director of the Coalition on Human Needs, an advocacy group representing more than 100 anti-poverty organizations, called on lawmakers to "reject the bleak and risky vision in President Trump's budget".

Though Trump does have a GOP Congress to work with, his approval ratings are at historic lows and he is dogged by the investigations of a Special Counsel and several congressional committees.

But it's clear from Mulvaney's comments that the effort is in its early stages.

The budget calls for $8.4 billion for mental health care and $1.7 billion for homeless assistance programs, both at the same level that President Barack Obama's administration requested past year. In agriculture, it would limit subsidies to farmers, including for purchasing crop insurance, an idea already attacked by farm state lawmakers. He's right now in Israel.

"I just think it's the prerogative of Congress to make those decisions in consultation with the president", Sen. Not that I would if he were here either'.

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin dismissed such criticism as typical rhetoric and praised the budget because it balances over 10 years.

Many consider this budget to be dead on arrival, but even so, it proves that Trump doesn't care about y'all either, so nice job with that.

"That's why I'm here", she said. "We wrap that into our budget proposals".

Robert Califf, who served as FDA commissioner under President Barack Obama, opposed any budget cuts in a tweet prior to the budget's release. But some of Trump's spending proposals are so severe, members of both parties are likely to resist, if only because many of their constituents rely on these programs.

"I am a lot less comfortable to the point of not wanting to look you in the eye and say, look, I need to take this money from you and give to this person over here who really isn't disabled, but is getting a disabled benefit, or this person over here, who is supposed to use the money to go to school but it isn't actually going, or a program that's supposed to encourage you to graduate ... from college but is only 6 percent effective".

"What we've done is not to try and remove the safety net for folks who need it, but to try and figure out if there's folks who don't need that that need to be back in the workforce" Mulvaney said.

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