OMG: Mindblowing Facts About Selena Gomez's Netflix Series '13 Reasons Why'

OMG: Mindblowing Facts About Selena Gomez's Netflix Series '13 Reasons Why'

As 13 Reasons Why fans wait for the release of the Netflix adaptation (out this Friday), Selena Gomez - an executive producer on the series - teased a snippet of her contribution to the soundtrack: a heavy, smoky cover of Yazoo's 1982 hit "Only You". "About eight years ago when I first read the book, I saw myself as Hannah in a lot of ways". So, if you're going to wear bright orange shadow, opt out of wearing a lip color, or else it will be too much. Regardless of whether the original novel shares these flaws, the tightly wound story slowly comes apart, becoming more messy and tawdry as it goes, until the final episodes go all-in on a narrative reveal that ends up feeling as unfairly treated as the doomed girl herself.

And the melodrama of high school life can feel tedious at points, which is something you might not want to experience again, depending on where you stood (or stand) in your high school pecking order. We have the ideal tips for how you can pull off her fun Spring makeup on your own. She tweeted, "2 days til @13ReasonsWhy".

Walsh says she experienced a similar awakening while filming. "I don't want to be famous from this, I just want to make people talk". I'm being open about my own struggles to let people know I'm not flawless at all.

Lately, Gomez is cheerful and relaxed. And she wasn't the only one - some other cast members (including the boys) rocked cobalt fingernails as well. The catalyst behind Gomez's happiness has been "making time for myself" and taking a break from social media for more than three months. I can't recall ever having seen a TV show address mental health and suicide in such a brutally honest way. "I did the work that was necessary and then gave myself a break". After 7 years of holding onto this book, I couldn't of picked a better time for this message to exist. I go to therapy.

Monaco Star Ready to Sign for Manchester United on One Condition
A source told the MEN: "Tiemoue is listening to some clubs from England, including Manchester United, but there is nothing concrete right now".

Teenagers. All those baby gifts I bought, last week it seems, have led to a Facebook feed of old friends describing terror-stricken rides in passenger seats while their offspring learn to drive. "I have mentors in my life who help me".

Gomez could have gone in almost any direction with her footwear here: gold, silver, nude or white would have worked just fine, but Gomez and her stylist Kate Young went with pink.

"I can't allow myself to believe the words that people are saying to me", she shared. And that's what I had hoped 13 Reasons Why would focus on instead of a dramatic story line over getting revenge for those 13 people.

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