Subway fighting back against "stunningly flawed" report on chicken

Subway fighting back against

The researchers knew that no piece of chicken would measure 100 percent pure chicken DNA, since the process of seasoning, marinating, and processing meat reduces that somewhat; only an "unadulterated piece of chicken from the store should come in at 100 percent".

Other fast-food chicken sandwiches tested by Marketplace at Trent University's Wildlife Forensic DNA Lab stacked up more favorably, sparking the ire of Subway.

The study said the rest of the "meat" was made of soy. The sandwich chain's results were an outlier: Other fast food chains, such as McDonald's, were found to have 80 percent or more chicken in their samples (seasonings account for the less-than-100-percent results).

Subway has released results from two independent laboratories that proves the restaurant's chicken is chicken, disproving a study from CBC Marketplace that suggested the restaurant's chicken contains less than 50 percent chicken DNA.

"The results from both labs found soy protein below 10 ppm, or less than 1 percent, in all tested samples". - AP " The stunningly flawed test by Marketplace is a tremendous disservice to our customers.

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Wednesday night Subway responded condemning the news report.

"The sandwich chain called the report false and misleading", and said it sent samples to two labs that found only one percent was soy. The study said Subway's sweet onion chicken terriyaki strips were even less, coming in at 42.8 percent.

"These findings are consistent with the low levels of soy protein that we add with the spices and marinade to keep the products moist and flavorful", Kane said.

When you go into a Subway restaurant and order a chicken sandwich, what are your expectations?

CBC stood by its test results, and publicly posted all six pages on its website. The test can show the DNA percentage of a product, says Newmaster, but "it is very difficult" to translate that to the product's mass.

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