Schumer Announces 'No' Vote on Gorsuch, Signals Possible Filibuster

Schumer Announces 'No' Vote on Gorsuch, Signals Possible Filibuster

The Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer of NY, was among five senators to declare their opposition to Gorsuch Thursday, even before the Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination had ended.

"There's been nearly a seismic shift in the caucus (against Gorsuch)", Senate Democratic Leader Sen.

Schumer's Thursday announcement came after Gorsuch completed more than 20 hours of grilling at the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"I don't believe that Judge Gorsuch's judicial approach would ensure fairness for workers and families in Pennsylvania, and indeed, across the country", Casey said.

Schumer said Gorsuch favors the "powerful over the weak" and would not check President Trump's agenda. The GOP will most certainly have to nuke the filibuster option if any of Trump's nominees are to receive the Senate's consent to serve.

The move will force Republicans to find a supermajority of 60 votes to advance Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to a confirmation vote.

"Democrats should reject any deal that allows Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed to the Supreme Court".

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It is not yet clear whether Senate Democrats will stand united or opt to hold their fire, but they will likely have to decide fast.

Every one of the 48 Democratic Senator must filibuster Gorsuch's nomination. Chuck Schumer told Politico in an interview.

During the hearing, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected Judge Gorsuch's extreme reasoning in a related case.

"Instead of an umpire calling balls and strikes in baseball, what we really saw was an expert - a well-trained expert - in dodgeball, " Schumer said.

Schumer of NY, a vocal critic of President Donald Trump's nominee to the high court, also made clear that Gorsuch will face a filibuster from Democrats, meaning the judge will need at least eight Democratic votes to advance to a final vote on confirmation. However, even with a filibuster, there is still the possibly that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would use the "nuclear option," which would only require 51 votes for Gorsuch to be confirmed.

Udall, a former New Mexico attorney general, said controversies swirling around President Donald Trump factored into his decision to oppose Gorsuch, a Westerner who has drawn generally strong reviews for his intellect and courtroom demeanor.

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