'Beauty and the Beast' wins box office for 2nd straight week

'Beauty and the Beast' wins box office for 2nd straight week

The new version is way more action-packed than its predecessor. The story is beautifully done and adds another dimension to a timeless classic. However, when it is put into the context of the movie and you see the characters singing, the breaks make more sense. Belle is their hope, but she isn't enamored with the loud and angry Beast who holds her prisoner. The film, starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Brie Larson, tells the story of a group of explorers on a mysterious island that proves to be the frightening domain of the mighty ape.

Aside from the lovely new music, what made the movie even more interesting were Bill Condon's modern twists to the fairy tale that undeniably added more depth to the film. This one is a lot more modern, and the graphics are incredible but obviously, that was expected with the time difference.

And, if we check the numbers, we can see that Disney is certainly succeeding at keeping up.

Josh Gad as the deliciously doofus attendant of Gaston known as LeFou, adds such talent and panache to the film as he waltzes through every scene with such incredible comic timing. Some are saying he was more "affectionate" to Gaston in this film, and maybe even had a crush on him. Some very conservative communities refused to show the new film.

All the school children are wearing proper attire and even Belle has almost the same outfit she did in the original animated film. We may not have gotten enough a backstory about Belle's mother in the animated version, but this new adaptation provides us clear answers: Her mom died when she was a baby due to the bubonic plague that took over Paris during the time.

It is also important to note the amount of interracial couples in the film. The film also got a deathly B- CinemaScore from audiences. What were some of the differences you spotted that you thought improved upon the original?

Homemade Slime Leaves 11-Year-Old With 3rd-Degree Burns
For their part, Kathleen's doctors think that Quinn had an extreme reaction to Borax, one of the ingredients in the mixture . Borax isn't a carcinogen and actually can't even really penetrate skin that well. "I feel like the worst mother", she said.

"I think resonate is the right word", McDonald says. When he sees her reaction to the library, he decides to give her access. Those interested in seeing it are better off just renting the original.

And If you do somehow have any complaints about this film, I can promise it won't be the actors and actresses portraying each of these distinct characters.

I've heard some detractors claim the movie is excessively bright and overly whimsical too "Disneyfied". I think this film overall hit the nail on the head on that aspect. Here is an example: in the original movie, Beast giving Belle access to his library was meant as a moment to advance the relationship between the two. She has the ideal balance of a sweet and innocent young lady, but also has the maturity level to play someone of Belle's intelligence and demeanor and really, I think that's what made this film so great.

Belle trades her own personal freedom to save her father from the mess he got himself into. I had always loved the "bad boy" kinds of characters, even if I despised men like him in reality. All of these little aspects is what made this film really work.

And with enthusiasm for the Disney movie barely waning since its release earlier this month, industry experts have predicted Beauty and the Beast will have made as much as $1 billion within the next three to four weeks. It also helped push the Mouse across $1B at the worldwide box office during last week. The Beast takes Belle to "the place her heart desires", which is the place where she was born, to learn more about herself. All I know for sure was that my love didn't fix him, no matter how much I wanted it to. Without accounting for inflation, it will eventually surpass nearly all of those films save for The Avengers ($623 million) and possibly The Dark Knight ($534m in 2008 and in 2D).

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