Gov. Abbott, John Kelly heed warning of Texas officials on Mexico policies

Acknowledging local concerns, Gov. Greg Abbott told the new head of homeland security that economic development is as important to the region as border security.

But despite Mexican leaders' insistence they will not pay, and no shortage of skeptics this side of the border, the president's team and outside analysts say Trump has several options for at least seeking reimbursement in the end.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in an interview last week that he didn't rule out Mexico helping finance a wall but said the USA would likely "front the money".

Spicer later clarified the tax was only a possibility and not a hard policy proposal, describing the idea as one "route" for financing the wall.

In a subsequent on-camera interview, Kelly told the network that the administration's "hope" was that the wall would be completed in two years.

President Donald Trump is now facing resistance from his own party on his number one campaign pledge - erection of a border wall along Mexico, CNN reported. He repeatedly promised that a wall will be constructed (see video below) and Mexico will help pay for it. Mexico is our largest trading partner.

"I don't think the American public is really all that used to people making decisions", he said.

How to sign Trump petition against his state visit to the UK
The poll also asked repondents whether they would be happy for a similar ban on refugees and immigrants entering the UK. It will be debated in Parliament, along with a petition demanding the visit be halted.

"Like Americans, Mexicans have pride", Mayor Darling said.

In a Fox News interview Wednesday, Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, made it clear he does have a plan of attack for the "ambitious project".

But Democrats are likely to resist anything the Republicans put forward.

General Kelly continued: "We're looking at the money aspect", acknowledging the the White House is working with Congress on a timetable for funds.

"This kind of stuff doesn't just happen overnight", Kucinich said.

A recently declassified threat assessment reveals that public safety officials believe ISIS and other terror organizations are using Mexico as a staging ground to launch attacks in the USA similar to the deadly assaults in Europe in recent years.

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