Arizona charters excited by DeVos nomination, public schools wary

Arizona charters excited by DeVos nomination, public schools wary

While Ms. DeVos' stance on public education and charter school oversight is concerning, it remains to be seen what sort of effect she and Mr. Trump can have on public education right away, Mr. Feinberg said.

Her confirmation hearing, originally scheduled for January 11, was postponed to Tuesday so she could complete her ethics paperwork and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions can complete her background check.

Betsy DeVos and her family have always been proponents of expanding school choice, including charter schools.

DeVos has no experience or expertise in public education. "She knows that in order to ensure the next generation of Americans can compete and lead the world, we have to have an education system in which doors are open to continual improvement".

After a delay of the original hearing, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will be considering President-elect Donald Trump's nomination for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, tomorrow.

But critics countered that her distaste for DeVos is rooted primarily in a desire to maintain the political power and influence of her union.

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At the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts, kids like Kaya White-Ryan are among more than five thousand students now in charter schools serving the Rochester area.

The Harvard Law professor proposed giving students vouchers to attend any public school they wanted in an attempt to eliminate the current system that often necessitates that students live in a pricey community to attend a good public school. DeVos is a billionaire philanthropist with ties to Amway - she and her husband have donated millions to the Republican National Committee and to the very lawmakers who will vote on whether or not to confirm her as secretary of education. Pluta says "Team DeVos" will argue that MI is better off with the expansion of charter schools. Instead, it advocates that children attend schools where the educational philosophy is compatible with the student's and parent's beliefs, such as same-gender or religious schools.

DeVos' hearing was pushed back about a week under pressure from Democrats, who said she hadn't completed ethics disclosures on how she will handle potential conflicts of interest. They can't pass a radical $20 billion voucher plan to dismantle our nation's public education system without the support of Congress, the courts and the American people.

DeVos, whose husband is the heir to the Amway marketing fortune, has for decades used the family's influence and wealth in home-state MI to advocate for charter schools and promote conservative religious values. But like several of Trump's cabinet nominees, Betsy DeVos doesn't come without some controversy.

Both major teachers unions are opposed to DeVos. "We need a Secretary of Education who will make schools safe for all students, and who won't tolerate bullying-by peers, parents, or school administrators". U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran has not stated a position on DeVos' nomination. I am horrified that students are learning all the wrong lessons from our president-elect and his Education secretary nominee - that they should not respect difference, that they must not be different, that their education and personal safety is threatened for speaking out. Look for Alexander to try to win a pledge from DeVos that she'll scrap King's proposal and implement something that would allow districts to dole out resources without considering a school's poverty status. DeVos is from a wealthy Christian family that wants to provide families with more flexibility in choosing a private education.

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