Surgeon General Report Warns of E-Cigarette Risks

Surgeon General Report Warns of E-Cigarette Risks

While many may believe that e-cigarettes emit a harmless aerosol, that's not the case, Dreyer said. The same study that found teens vape with fruit flavors also found that cigarette smoking is down among teenagers and is now less popular than vaping among teens. Contrary to the claims in this week's highly publicized report, e-cigarettes and other vapor devices are not a threat to the health of youth, young adults, pregnant women or anyone else. While not all contain nicotine, the new report says e-cigarettes are the most commonly used tobacco-related product among youth. Over the past five years, the number of middle- and high-school students who report having used e-cigarettes has tripled.

"It absolutely puts an onus on all of us who are seeing patients to not only ask if they are smoking combustible cigarettes, but to ask if they are smoking e-cigarettes", said Dr. Thomas Casale, a University of South Florida professor who has studied e-cigarette use.

What it does not do-simply because not enough time has passed to generate the data-is definitively say whether e-cigarettes are replacing cigarettes for teens or simply getting more of them addicted to nicotine. The new regulations require people to prove they are 18 in order to buy e-cigarettes and require companies to disclose the ingredients in the vapor, and warn consumers if they contain nicotine.

"We know a great deal about what works to effectively prevent tobacco use among young people", the report said.

The devices also contain chemical flavorings linked to serious lung disease; benzene, which is found in vehicle exhaust; and heavy metals, such as nickel, tin, and lead, Murthy's report said.

Dr Murthy says nicotine usage by young people risks mood disorders, attention deficits and addiction to nicotine that could lead to the use of traditional cigarettes. "We want residents to know there is help available to quit".

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On July 8, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disclosed that high school students' use of traditional and electronic cigarettes continued to go in opposite directions during 2015.

"No matter how it's delivered, nicotine is harmful for youth and young adults", the Surgeon General's website states. It is significant, however, because the nation's top doctor deems the practice "unsafe" and issues a call to protect young people from its harmful effects. "That's the kind of careful thought we want not just with electronic cigarettes, but any toxic substance people will be tempted to ingest".

"You can influence your children's decision about whether to use e-cigarettes".

Implement regulation of the e-cigarette industry by the U.S.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized a rule to regulate e-cigarettes and prohibited their sale to minors, though IL and other states already had such bans in place. "It is also a call to action for researchers to further quantify the health risks associated with using e-cigarettes".

Additionally, Murthy suggested more educational initiatives to target teens and young adults.

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