The GOP healthcare plan just got more brutal poll results

The GOP healthcare plan just got more brutal poll results

If you think about it, pretty much every major lie that President Donald Trump and Republicans are telling right now to get their repeal-and-replace bill passed is created to cover it up. The spectacularly dumb argument here is actually that Obamacare is failing because it hasn't succeeded in achieving universal coverage, so we should embrace a GOP bill that would leave almost 50 million uncovered in 10 years.

Senate Democrats, most Republicans and all women were denied admission.

So some of our Republican senators came to life June 27 and helped to at least postpone a vote on the GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Some North Carolina media outlets used the "lose coverage" language in their breathless coverage of the report.

Republicans' frustration with that combined approach is understandable - the health care bill that the Senate is now negotiating is wildly unpopular.

The House-passed American Health Care Act would cut Medicaid by more than $880 billion and severely damage the program as a safety net for millions of low-income Americans.

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In a joint statement, the medical groups said they are not just speaking for doctors, but also "thousands of low-income Alabamians served by them", and they are concerned the Senate bill "fundamentally changes how Medicaid is funded".

Sounds pretty good, particularly when we consider that the United States spends more on health care than any other country on the planet. It's only the Republican Congress and the Republican administration, who campaigned on the promise of repealing Obamacare, who are unhappy with it. For example, the deep cuts to Medicaid included in the Republicans' plan threaten to devastate rural hospitals across the country.

Health care, as Trump has noted, is complicated. I offered these proposals with many of my colleagues, because that's what we want to accomplish.

A lot of political campaign talk a year ago centered on job loss in the steel and coal sectors, but American communities with big health care companies could suffer similar fates.

Overall, 44% said that the United States healthcare system would be worse off under the GOP legislation, while 28% said it would improve. The CBO's assumption about the efficacy of the individual mandate is questioned by many health policy experts, actually, but even if you accept it as a given, it means people would be choosing not to buy, which is obviously different from "losing coverage". If it's determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it needs to come up with a plan that's better.

"There are those who view health care as a deeply personal and private matter and wanted to share their story accordingly", added Seat.

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