Abigail Joins Street Fighter V Later This Month

Abigail Joins Street Fighter V Later This Month

During the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2017) over the weekend, the developer confirmed Abigail as the fourth downloadable character for the game.

Abigail from "Final Fight" will arrive in "Street Fighter V" on July 25 as the fighting game's newest character. Abigail, the super human hot-rodder from Final Fight, joins the battle on July 25th. Abigail and Metro City will launch alongside the Champion's Choice outfit for Guile, the Ring of Pride and the Suzaku Castle stages, as well as nostalgia costumes for Alex, Juri and Ibuki.

Street Fighter 5 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. In addition to several command throws, Abigail has an armored running attack that helps him cover distance easily. But to make up for it, he seems to have a ton of armor on his moves. He then hoists them into the air, pummels them like a makeshift speedbag before launching a savage hook that shatters the screen. This special move has one hit of armour (two for EX!) and can be cancelled into four follow-ups - a stiff punch, command grab, cumbersome overhead or V-Skill.

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Are you looking forward to checking out Abigail after they become available as a playable character, or have you given up on playing Street Fighter V after a rocky first season.

The trailer from Capcom shows Abigail as a strong character with attacks such as a running punch followed by a two-fisted slam down.

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